Best Price Guarantee

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Show us evidence of our competitor’s advertised price for the identical product advertised 7 days after your purchase. Once we verify the price is genuine (inclusive of delivery or installation costs) and the product is ready for immediate delivery, we will happily match or refund the difference to you.


  • Conditional offers, such as package deals, cash back, bonus, bulk purchase or limited quantity
  • Trade, special event, club or membership offers, or prices not available to the general public
  • Clearance, seconds or refurbished lines, or ex demonstration or display offers
  • Offers by any resellers, classifieds, auction sites, manufacturers, distributors or importers
  • Offers that require delivery from an overseas based distributor direct to the customer
  • Advertising errors (either ours or competitors)

Compatibility/Search By Car

Although we are trying our best to find the correct fitment/parts compatibility list for all of our product, but we can't guarantee all information contained in this website is 100% correct and up to date. Please note the parts compatibility list and search by car function in this website are only used for reference purpose, hence, you should not solely rely on them. Should you have any concerns about the fitment, please contact us at [email protected]


Australian wide warranty up to 12 month is available, please contact us for further information or you want to make a claim at [email protected]