x-Filtra GTA360 Air Filter

x-Filtra GTA360 Air Filter

x-Filtra GTA340 Air Filter

x-Filtra GTA340 Air Filter

x-Filtra GTA1618 Air Filter

x-Filtra GTA1618 Air Filter

x-Filtra GTA360 Air Filter

Interchangeable with: A360/WA360

Availability: In stock

GTA360 Air Filter x 1 (Quantity One)

Brand New in Box with Premium Quality

Outside Length: 282mm
Outside Width: 168mm
Overall Height: 33mm

x-Filtra GTA360 Air Filter for A$7.90
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UA, Ghia Petrol 4 2.4L KA24E 11/89-92
UA, GL Petrol 4 2.0L CA20E 11/89-92

VN Petrol V8 5.0L VU 03/89-09/91
VN Petrol V6 3.8L VH 08/88-09/91
VP Petrol V6 3.8L VH 10/91-12/92
VP Petrol V8 5.0L VU  10/91-93
VR Petrol V6 3.8L VH 07/93-08/94
VR Petrol V8 5.0L VU 07/93-95
VS Petrol V6 3.8L VH 04/95-05/96
VS Petrol V8 5.0L VU 04/95-97
VT Petrol V8 5.0L VU 09/97-99

Petrol 4 2.0L SR20DE-T 10/94-03/00
S15 Turbo Petrol 4 2.0L SR20DET 11/00-03
Z33 Cp,Cnv Petrol V6 3.5L VQ35DE 02/03-07

U13 Petrol 4 2.4L KA24DE 10/93-12/97

J30 Petrol V6 3.0L VG30E 05/90-02/95

J31 Petrol V6 3.5L VQ35-DE 12/03-03/09
J32 Petrol V6 2.5L/3.5L VQ25/35 06/09-on

UA32 Petrol V6 3.0L VQ30D 02/95-99
UA33 Petrol V6 3.0L VQ30DE 12/99-03
Z50 Petrol V6 3.5L VQ35-DE 07/05-02/09
Z51 Petrol V6 3.5L VQ35-DE 03/09-on

D21 Petrol V6 3.0L VG30E 06/92-02/97
D22 Ser 1 Petrol 4 2.4L KA24E 03/97-08/99
HYD21 Petrol V6 3.0L VG30E 09/92-95

N14 GLi, Q Petrol 4 1.6L GA16DE 10/91-09/95
N14 LX, Ti Petrol 4 1.6L GA16DE 10/91-09/95

N15 Petrol 4 1.6L GA16DE 10/95-98
N15 Petrol 4 2.0L SR20E 10/95-09/00
N15 II Petrol 4 1.6L GA16DE 04/98-00
N15 II SSS Petrol 4 2.0L SR20DE 04/98-00
N15 SSS Petrol 4 2.0L SR20DE 10/95-98
N16 Petrol 4 1.6L QG16DE 06/03-04/04
N16 II Petrol 4 1.8L QG18DE 07/03-04
N16 III Petrol 4 1.8L QG18DE 05/04-06
N16 LX Petrol 4 1.6L QG16DE 07/00-02/03
N16 Ti Petrol 4 1.8L QG18DE 07/00-06/03

Petrol 2.0L SR20DE 10/93-98
Petrol 2.0L SR20DT 10/93-98

Petrol 6 2.5L RB25DE 91-05/98
Petrol 6 2.5L RB25DET 91-05/98
Petrol 6 2.5L RB25E 91-05/98
HR32A GTR Petrol 6 2.6L RB26DETT 06/91-93
R31 Sdn,Wg Petrol 6 3.0L RB30E 06/86-12/90
Terrano II
R20 Petrol 4 2.4L KA24E 03/97-06/00

X-Trail 4D Wagon
NT30 Sr1-2 Petrol 4 2.5L QR25DE 10/01-09/07

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